Drop the Load

by The Road2Wholeness Blog

The 66 Day Appetite Reset Challenge

A Salad a Day for 66 Days

The 66 Day Appetite Reset Challenge 
(formerly called the 66 Day Ground Foods Challenge)
 is for anyone who wants to be Healthier, Supercharged, and Change their relationship with Food! 

No Doubt weight loss will be an effect of completing the challenge, however the main focus is feeding our bodies as God intended and detaching ourselves from overly processed and genetically modified foods and food like substances. 

The criteria is to eat Ground Provisions. Ground Foods are foods that are 1 ingredient and come from the earth.  They are more commonly called plant based foods.

This is the challenge that I created for myself in April 2013 to reset my appetite and that reset has enabled me to approach food with new eyes. I am not a doctor or health professional. I am simply sharing my journey and inviting you to look at eating 1 ingredient foods as a better way of eating.

Here's the Challenge: 

66 Days of all Plant Based 1 Ingredient Foods

First things First... all Fruits and All Vegetables are allowed!  

Eliminate: milk, all meats, chicken, turkey, fish, seafood, butter, mayo, juice, alcohol, yogurt, sodas, bread, pasta, sugar, and cheese. 

But Good News!! EGGS ARE ALLOWED.  However I did limit myself to 5 per week.

Do not fret... you can have all of these: wild rice, quinoa, cold press olive oil, cold pressed coconut oil, raw honey, raw nuts, organic peanut butter, beans, mushrooms, oatmeal, and all other plant based foods.  

It's time to get creative!! Use all the fruits and vegetables to create beautiful, nutritional, and energizing meals.  What I did to make the challenge and preparation less overwhelming was I created soups. I made a soup about every 4-5 Days.. I ate fresh salads and enjoyed really wholesome soups I made using hearty vegetables like pumpkin and sweet potatoes.  Although my absolute favorite became LENTIL SOUP and I just love raw spinach and Kale.

For your support on the challenge, join the Facebook Group

"Drop the Load"

There you will find pictures of meal preparations, ideas, and commentary.

I invite you to the challenge for the length of time that you can honestly commit and more importantly if you cannot take the leap...


80% of what you put on your plate will be a 1 Ingredient Food. 

This Challenge Calls for You to Add 1 Raw Salad to Your Day.

This is an awesome way to get more vegetables in your diet as well as all the nutritional value that they provide.  If you can't commit to a drastic change in your diet right now, it's a simple way to amp up your consciousness around food by making a conscious commitment to eat a raw salad a day.

 I truly enjoyed this challenge and the creativity I was able to express.   You may choose to replace a meal or just add it as a snack meal.  You may also choose to eat your raw salad as a smoothie as I have pictured below.  It's all up to you!